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What Can APComms Ltd Do For You?

Support and Upgrading Your iSDX/Realitis system

There has been much Speculation over the last few years regarding the life span of the Siemens ISDX and of course the ongoing support of the product by the manufacturer, There are no new systems available from Siemens.

Siemens announced in 2012 that support would be maintained until 2017, however for such support to be administered Siemens require the systems to be furnished with the latest software version 8 or above. On the face of it, you might read this with a doom and gloom feeling However,  If you are an organisation that is happy with the stability & functionality of the  Siemens ISDX / REALITIS and you don't require the complicated functions of the expensive replacement IP solutions then all is not lost !  APComms Ltd can supply second user systems, new & used parts and the latest software V8 or above, APComms Ltd can offer new and existing customers many options to update their existing systems. Spare parts will be available for many years to come, anyone telling you that you need to change your system due to ongoing support is wrong, don't be pushed into the belief that all your problems can be solved by replacing your perfectly good old system for new.

APComms Ltd liaise and talk to our clients on a regular basis and the story we here hear so far is that most wish for the return of the stability & reliability of the Siemens ISDX / REALITIS, in most cases the clients we talk to don't use 80% of the new system functions and the new is actually no better than the old going out through the front door, WHY CHANGE?

APComms Ltd can monitor your DX from our office location, we can check for alarms and call you should we spot a problem this can also be followed up with a visit if needed. We can support and maintain your existing system into the future, so please contact us if you wish to discuss any aspects of upgrading your system or talk to us regarding the current situation.

APComms Ltd System & Software Upgrades

We can take your existing Software V8 and Upgrade it To V10 or V11 with Siemens pre-authorisation using application packs, at very competitive rates.

Nortel Telephony Maintenance

Not so long ago, Nortel was one of the largest manufacturers of business telephone systems in the World. Their systems were sold globally under their own names, and in some instances re-branded. Since their takeover, users have come under pressure to replace what are perfectly good telephone systems.

APComms Ltd have put steps in place to enable Nortel users to continue using their telephone systems, extending their working lives and maximizing their value with the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are fully supported in the event of a fault, or if you need to adapt your existing configuration.

  • Fully trained engineers
  • Nationwide Coverage
  • Flexible support plans
  • Value for money
  • Optional onsite spare parts service
  • Health checks

HiPath Communications Support & Maintenance


In the field of real-time communications Siemens are the world’s leading supplier.  In more than 80 countries with over 1 million customers including 70% of the world’s Fortune 500 hundred companies already rely on Siemens.  This has resulted in over 88 million workpoints and just short of 3 million of communication systems being installed.  

APComms have a vast engineering back ground in the Siemens HiPath 3000 range, we can offer competitively priced maintenance packages, with low cost upgrades your existing HiPath 3000 can still deliver the tremendous benefits of modern day telephony.

You can upgrade you handsets to the latest TDM terminals bringing a fresh look to the desktop.

Why change, why fix something that is not broken ?

We support the following HiPath:

  • 540
  • 580
  • 3300
  • 3350
  • 3500
  • 3550
  • 3700
  • 3800





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